The main principles of Spektrmed LLC are “Unconditional customer satisfaction” and “100 % belief in relationships”; In accordance with the principles of technological progress, sustainable quality, development, teamwork, social responsibility, professional management concept Spektrmed became the leading company in the sector.

Our goal is to execute the main responsibilities, to provide the innovative technology and products to the customers, to increase the service quality and variety of products, to protect the brand and position of the company.

To achieve these goals:

  • Ensuring the effectiveness and sustainability of the “Quality Management System”;
  • Follow national and international standards and investigate innovations;
  • Non-infringement of service quality, increase its efficiency and competitiveness;
  • Providing customers’ and employees’ satisfaction;
  • Collaborate with our suppliers

These are our main tasks.

To involve the best personal and workforce for our company, co-operate with them and provide maximum benefit from their talents, power and creativity;

Increasing their productivity, creating co-operation and solidarity is a  key way to provide the sustainability of our organization.

SpektrMed has chosen the following principles with experienced staff:

  • To present products in internal and external markets appropriate with international standard;
  • Sustainable and Balanced development;
  • To show respectfulness towards the environment and society while providing our customers satisfaction and expectation;
  • With our trained staff and excellent service quality to offer our advanced technology products to all organizations;
  • To be a leader in the sector in line with worldwide business ethics standards.

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Setting up, organizing and supplying Medical Laboratories